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>> In its ruling announced in June, the United States Supreme Court stated the individual mandate requiring citizens to have health
insurance was constitutional under the government's power to tax. For more on this important ruling, click here to read the press release issued by The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. (6/28/2012)


>> The federal government maintains a website specifically for information on the Affordable Care Act. Click here to access the government's informational portal. (7/18/2012)



>> Resources

Every day, new resources  become available to help consumers understand the many details of the Affordable Care Act. The latest comes from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in the form of a user-friendly video that explains some of the more intricate details of the health care law. To view the video, click here.  There is also a new wallet card for individuals under the age of 30, created by The Health Foundation of Cincinnati. To download the new wallet card, click here. (5/23/2012)



Understanding the Affordable Care
Act (ACA) Law

Parts of the Affordable Care Act start at different times between now and January 2014. Here is a brief overview of how the ACA may affect you (full details can be found in the Affordable Care Act Overview linked here in English and Spanish):

  • New consumer protections are in place.

  • More people will be covered.

  • There are more health insurance choices.

  • You can make healthier food choices.

  • Medicare coverage gaps will close.

  • Medicaid coverage and enrollment will be simplified.

Information about the ACA will evolve as more of its rules and procedures become clearer or the law is changed.   The Saint Luke's Foundation, Gund Foundation and Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundations, in partnership with the The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, will continue to update this information when needed. In the future, please refer to this page for ACA information updates.

The Affordable Care Act series was adapted from materials created by The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, an independent non-profit dedicated to improving community health though grants, evaluation and education. The Foundation works in Cincinnati and 20 surrounding counties in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

Additional Resources from The Health Foundation
of Greater Cincinnati


From the Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation, in partnership with Free Range Studios, has produced a short animated film explaining health care reform. To view the video, click here. For more from the Kaiser Family Foundation on health reform, click here.


Educating Consumers on Health Care Reform Legislation

In June, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). This ruling comes two years after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law in March 2010. Today, parts of the law are already in place and affect almost everyone.

With that in mind, the George Gund Foundation, the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation and the Saint Luke’s Foundation, with insights and resources from The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, have teamed up to provide consumer-friendly information about this complex law.  This user-friendly information was designed to present factual, unbiased information about how health care reform affects many of Northeast Ohio’s residents and can be downloaded below.  Additional information on the ACA is also available here.

Please share these one-page information sheets (conveniently saved in printable .pdf formats) with your friends, family, co-workers and others in your personal or professional networks -- anyone who might benefit from learning more about the Affordable Care Act. 

We hope you find this information useful. Please scroll down and click for PDF downloads.

>> The Saint Luke's Foundation

>> The George Gund Foundation  

>> Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation


Affordable Care Act Downloads

Having problems with any of the download documents?
Email Denise San Antonio Zeman, President and CEO of Saint Luke's Foundation, by clicking here. She will get back to you with ways to resolve your issue and/or provide you with the information you need.


About the George Gund Foundation

The George Gund Foundation was established in 1952 by George Gund, former chairman of the Cleveland Trust Company. The Foundation funds programs that enhance our understanding of the physical and social environment in which we live and increase our ability to cope with its changing requirements. Grants are made three times a year in the areas of education, human services, economic and community development, environment and arts. Foundation commitments to date have totaled more than $580 million. For more information, click here.

About the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation

The Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation was formed as a result of the 1996 sale of Cleveland's Mt. Sinai Medical Center and related hospitals. The Foundation's purpose is to assist Greater Cleveland's organizations and leaders improve the health and well-being of the Jewish and general communities now and for generations to come. At December 31, 2010, the Foundation’s assets exceeded $130 million. Since grantmaking began in 1997, the Foundation has distributed more that $78 million to improve health status in Greater Cleveland.  For more information, click here.

About the Saint Luke's Foundation

Now in its 16th year of grantmaking, Saint Luke’s Foundation is a community-based private foundation that supports the efforts of nonprofit organizations and community leaders to address relevant issues and offer sustainable solutions to key issues that affect the health and well-being of individuals, families and urban communities. Since 1997, when it was established with the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center, the Foundation has awarded more than $97 million in grants. Information on the work of Saint Luke’s Foundation is available on the Foundation’s website:





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